Workshop on Efficient Machine Learning

Samy Bengio, Corinna Cortes, Dennis DeCoste, Francois Fleuret, Ramesh Natarajan, Edwin Pednault, Dan Pelleg, Elad Yom-Tov

Day 1: Friday December 7, 2007

Morning session: 7:30am--10:30am

7:30am: Introduction. S. Bengio

7:40am: Invited talk: Efficient Learning with Sequence Kernels. C. Cortes, Google

8:20am: Fully Distributed EM for Very Large Datasets. J. Wolfe, A. Haghighi, D. Klein

8:45am: A Parallel N-Body Data Mining Framework G.F. Boyer, R.N. Riegel, A.G. Gray

9:10am: Coffee break

9:25am: Invited talk: Large scale clustering and regression using the IBM Parallel Machine Learning toolbox E. Yom-Tov, D. Pelleg, R. Natarajan, E. Pednault, N. Slonim, IBM Research

10:05am: Batch Performance for an Online Price K. Crammer, M. Dredze, J. Blitzer, F. Pereira

Afternoon session: 3:30pm--6:30pm

3:30pm: Invited talk: Model compression: bagging your cake and eating it too R. Caruana, Cornell, and D. DeCoste, Microsoft

4:10pm: Poster Session

5:10pm: Invited talk: Architecture Conscious Data Analysis: Progress and Future Outlook S. Parthasarathy, Ohio State University

5:50pm: Invited talk: Who is Afraid of Non-Convex Loss Functions? Y. LeCun, Courant Institute, New York University

Day 2: Saturday December 8, 2007

Morning session: 7:30am--10:30am

7:30am: Learning with Millions of Examples and Dimensions - Competition proposal S. Sonnenburg, V. Franc

7:55am: Large Scale Learning with String Kernels S. Sonnenburg, K. Rieck, G. Ratsch

8:20am: Invited talk: Speeding up stochastic gradient descent Y. Bengio, University of Montreal

9:00am: Coffee break

9:25am: Invited talk: Stationary Features and Folded Hierarchies for Efficient Object Detection D. Geman, John Hopkins University

10:05am: Efficient machine learning using random projections C. Hegde, M.A. Davenport, M.B. Wakin, R.G. Baraniuk

Afternoon session: 3:30pm--6:30pm

3:30pm: Invited talk: New Quasi-Newton Methods for Efficient Large-Scale Machine Learning S.V.N. Vishwanathan and N. N. Schraudolph, National ICT Australia

4:10pm: Large-Scale Euclidean MST and Hierarchical Clustering, W. March, A. Gray

4:35pm: Poster session:

6:00pm: Large scale sequence labelling A. Bordes, L. Bottou

6:25pm: Wrap-up